Ankor Wat Bucket List

Bucket list, 10 Reasons to visit Cambodia

Cambodia – the Land of Temples and shrines. For those soul searchers and travelers seeking to find inner peace and to smile along the way. One of SE Asia’s least visited countries, along with Laos and Myanmar, though you’d be surprised given the sheer friendliness and humbleness of the people. It’s often said, you can’t truly appreciate this until you physically connect and experience the wonders this stunning country has to offer.

If you’re still not budging from your judgment about Cambodia, then here are 10 reasons that will make you choose Cambodia as your next travel destination.

  1. Temples – With countless temples at every turn, you will not get lost in this country. Temples are your distinct landmarks and the must-see places that will make up your itinerary. Among all, Angkor Wat is the most famous temple in Cambodia. It falls under the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments. Built out of red sandstone, Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world that dates to the early 9th century.  
  2. Historical Places – Cambodia does not lack in history. If you take an interest in Cambodia’s history, you will learn the bitter truth that this country is recovering and coping graciously from the horrendous rule of Khmer Rouge. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in the capital city and the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek are the places to start with.
  3. Military Background – In addition to historical places, Cambodia is also rich in action. Kep, a previously maintained colonial resort, is a great spot to enrich yourselves regarding the military stronghold that prevailed during the Khmer Rouge rule. Knai Bang Chatt is another similar place that you must see during your visit to Cambodia.
  4. Islands – There are plenty of these in the neighboring countries. Hence, if you are wondering what is so special about the islands of Cambodia, then the answer lies in its variety and hidden adventure. You can find less explored islands in Cambodia that fit different interests. For instance, the islands of Koh Rong is for the fun-loving and party people, as it caters to all-night parties and backpacker shacks. Further, the island of Koh Ta Kiev is for those who are seeking solace away from the busy world.
  5. Beaches – Where there are islands, there are beaches. Cambodian beaches can easily match the other Asiatic beaches, mainly because the beaches here are clean, calm, unpolluted, and simply serene. Some of the must-visit beaches include the Lazy Beach, South-western Beach, Koh Rong Sanloem, and Otres Beach among the others.
  6. Beautiful Landscape – Cambodia is appealing not just to the eyes but the soul too. The country is rich in beautiful landscapes that will leave you enchanted. For instance, the quiet riverside town of Kampot attracts tourists mainly for its calm atmosphere and agriculture productiveness, which includes the country’s famous Durian and peppers.
  7. Hotels & Hostels – If you’re a tourist, then you definitely need a place to rest your head. Cambodia offers different types of accommodation starting from shared hostels to plush hotels to satisfy all kinds of travelers including the Royals, the less fancy, and of course backpackers.
  8. Food – You cannot leave a place until you try out the local cuisine and the Cambodian cuisine, locally known as the Khmer cuisine, is unquestionably a must-have. Seafood delicacies are diverse and available in plenty. Additionally, do not give the Cambodian rice, noodles, and the coconut-based curries a miss – simply delicious!
  9. Shopping – What is a holiday without retail therapy? You at least need to take home a souvenir or 5 and Cambodia offers much in this segment. Phnom Penh, the capital city and other Cambodian cities have several markets including the Central Market, Night Market, and Kandal Market that offers interesting clothes, artwork, souvenirs, and food.
  10. People – It would be incomplete not to mention the crux of the country – its People. Cambodian citizens are extremely welcoming, friendly, and positive-minded. They will ensure to make your stay both comfortable and enjoyable.

So don’t delay, read some more, check out the hotels online and book a trip to Cambodia. If you’re unsure about flights, maybe tie the trip in with a visit to Bangkok or Singapore, you’ll always find affordable flights to these destinations and a short flight to Cambodia won’t be expensive.