Vietnam Backpacking

Vietnam, a Backpackers Dream

Vietnam sits near the top of the list of most visited destinations in Asia is and a must-visit destination, on the bucket list of many traveling enthusiasts, particularly backpackers. The natural diversity, cultural heritage and the extraordinary people of this country welcome everyone from all over the globe. This country provides a complete fun-filled experience even with budget restrictions – adventures, eclectic food, historical monuments await the travelers and engulf them with its magic.

The country is modern in its outlook and the friendly smiling people make the visit a memorable one for every traveler. Backpackers love the experience of this country and here are just 9 of the many reasons:

  1. Many like to explore different parts of this country due to its unique combination of historical significance and beautiful nature. Vietnam can be roughly divided into two major parts that include, the incredible highlands and scenery in the north to the beautiful beaches in the south. The city does not restrict backpackers to stick to the itinerary, an individual can stumble upon many unexplored sites independently while soaking in the surprises.
  2. Buses connect most of the major cities or you can rent motorcycles to explore nearby destinations. You cannot ignore the charm of big cities like Saigon, Hoi An, and Hanoi. There is so much history attached to these places that you must visit some of the prominent monuments here.
  3. Plan and spend a lot of time in Hanoi and go around the city using the most popular means of commuting – the ubiquitous bicycle. Hanoi has a memorial museum dedicated to the wars that this country had encountered, with a brave heart. The city retains the old-world charm and is always bustling with people on its busy streets.
  4. The country provides undeterred safety to the travelers and there are numerous options available for a stay.
  5. There are many temples which travelers can choose to visit; one of the famous ones – like the Bach Ma Temple, located in the old part of the Hanoi. Vietnam boasts a culture based on many religious traditions and values. People have embraced this culture with its complexities which stands for the countries advantage. The city employs modern education with high standards for future generations.
  6. Sapa valley, a beautiful highland, with French colonized traces. The rich quality of ethnology makes the place quest worthy. Explore the beautiful green valley that includes legendary Thac Bac Waterfall. A friendly tribe of people living in these mountains of Ban Pho Village is inviting and unique due to their Mongolian ethnicity.  
  7. Vietnam has everything for an avid traveler. The mountains, the sand dunes of Mui Ne and Dalat keeps one occupied throughout the stay. The serenity of these calm sand dunes will take you to another era and the enthralling ostrich ride makes it a memorable experience.
  8. One of the most wonderful experiences is the visit to Halong Bay, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The bay is famous for its precarious mountains and natural formations.
  9. Food is an integral part of the entire experience. Street food like Pho and special wines made from corn are available all over the place. Your trip will be incomplete until you try these local delicacies.

The most wonderful aspect of traveling to Vietnam is that it is extremely Budget Friendly. The charm of this picturesque country has put it on the map of global backpackers and promises to never disappoint those seeking its treasure.