Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Bucket list, 10 Reasons to visit Vietnam

Vietnam has moved a long way from its bright lanterns and natural wonders, since the end of the 20 years long Vietnam War, post-1975. So if you’re thinking that there is nothing in this country apart from the war ruins, then here are 10 reasons that will make you plan an itinerary for your next trip, to Vietnam.

  1. Historical Places – Being a war-involved country, Vietnam does not lack its share of history. You can learn more about Vietnam’s past from some of its famous monuments and museums located in the main cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi and the capital city, Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon), the largest Vietnamese city. Among all, the War Remnants Museum, located in Ho Chi Minh houses the largest collection of artifacts. Further, you will appreciate the beautifully carved ancient temples built in this country.
  2. Beaches – Situated along the coast, you can have some great beach time at some of the picturesque beaches dotted along the coast. One of the most popular beaches is in Na Trang. Further, you can visit the beaches of Phú Quốc to have a great time bathing in its turquoise waters and getting a tan on its white sands.
  3. Bays & Caves – Labelled as one of the most visited tourist spots in the country, Halong Bay is one mesmerizing place that you must visit to view the serene bay filled with large pillars of limestone rocks with water pouring out on all sides. Further, the Sung Sot cave situated close to the Halong Bay allows tourists to explore the Bay from underground through its gigantic 2-chambered grotto. A junk boat to this part of the country will make sure that you leave Vietnam without any regrets.
  4. Activities – There is a lot to do in Vietnam for everyone. Right from taking a boat ride to the amazing Mekong Delta to hiking the scenic mountains and valleys of Sa Pa, you are sure never to get bored here. Further, you should plan a stroll on the golden bridge of Cau Vang and a walk in the sand dunes of Mui Ne.
  5. Rice Paddies – Located in the Asian continent, rice is the staple food of Vietnam. Hence, it’s no wonder that you will find many luscious green rice paddies along your way, forming a stunning landscape. The Rolling Hills of Sapa is one such place that you must visit to see how beautifully the rice paddies are terraced on the sides of the hills.
  6. Scooters & Tuk-tuks – Cabs and buses are the most common mode of transportation in any country. However, only a very few countries allow you to enjoy an open ride in a scooter or an auto rickshaw and Vietnam is certainly one of them. Not just adults, but even kids are sure to love this part of their holiday.
  7. Food – If you’re a foodie, then you are sure to fall in love with the Vietnamese food. The rich soups made from exotic herbs, a chicken soup called pho, melt in the mouth rice noodles, seafood delicacies, fresh ground Vietnamese coffee, and much more are sure to tease your taste buds wanting you to try some more. You can even find a variety of tasty street food that you are sure to love.
  8. People – Holidays are great only if you meet and interact with the right kind of people. The Vietnamese folks are as friendly and inviting as you can imagine. The people are also very hospitable and never walk away from offering a helping hand.
  9. Shopping – You cannot leave Vietnam empty-handed. Everyone has something to buy here, be it handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, woodworks, or knock-off products of some of the famous bags and watch brands, you are sure to fill your bags when you leave the country. You should also make time to visit the floating markets in Vietnam, a wonderful experience in anyone’s books.
  10. Festivals – What most people miss during their trips is to get a glimpse of the local festivals. If you are visiting Vietnam, then don’t make the mistake of missing the Great Lantern festival. It is one of the most symbolic cultural Vietnamese ceremonies where beautifully lit lanterns fill the sky on a full moon day. Certainly, a sight worth watching with the Thu Bồn River flowing alongside Hoi An, making it the perfect spot to witness this.

International flights are available to Vietnam from most global hubs, but if you find the cost too high, try flying to Bangkok, spending some time there before booking a cheap budget flight over to your preferred Vietnam location. It’ll be worth the airport time!